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Should you ask for a warrantee for your promo gifts?

There are a lot of high quality products, and high value products which can be offered as promo gifts to you and the etiquette of how you manage the gifts, promotional products how you actually maintain them, in case of high quality functional or productive products that simply might malfunction or be non-functional from the get go.

There is of course a set of rules of etiquette regarding how you should handle the repairs, maintenance or even the replacement of a product you received as promo gifts and knowing how to handle the situation can help you save money, time and effort.
In case, say, of an electronics device which was un-functional from the box, one has the option of actually going to the distributor, explaining the situation and asking for a replacement or for repairs. However, given that many companies deal in en-gross transactions for these giveaways, the details of the warrantee can be a little different from what you might be used to.

Under no circumstances should you take the promo items directly to the service repairs, unless they are the direct manufacturer and accept to repair or change products that you do not have a receipt for. In determining what the best course of action is, it is best, first and foremost to ask a secretarial employee of the company that distributed the product if there is any specific way the issue you are encountering can be solved without having to contact higher management.

The attitude one has is vital in making sure you don’t overstep your position, you don’t allow for mistakes or for white lies to get out. If indeed the product is not malfunctioning due to your intervention to it, then you should without a doubt take these actions with your promo items. Otherwise, you should simply not mind it and move on without causing a stir.

As always making sure you are polite to the people you communicate with and to the individuals with whom you make contact is the best way to make sure that you will get a better deal out of your particular situation. corporate gifts However, under no circumstances should you attempt to force the hand of anyone. If the situation is not handled easily an without issues, it is better to drop it, no matter what. Any free promo gifts are after all warrantless items which should not prompt you to ask for reassurance.


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